Refridgerators, Juice Dispensers etc
Band Saws, Meat Slicers etc
Toasters, Waffle Makers etc
Tables, Shelves etc
Bain Maries, Urns etc
Chopping Knives, Trays etc

Premium Quality Specialists in:
Kitchen utensils, cookware and appliances, that is affordable to the South African market and have been
sourced from local manufacturers, as well as from international manufacturers from over 22 countries around
the world.

We only make use of trusted brands, representing products carrying full internationally recognised warranties,
and tested to meet stringent operating criteria demanded by the international catering industries.

Spare Parts & Workshop:
Over a million rands worth of spares and accessories are available countrywide within two working days. Technicians undergo rigorous training to maintain high levels of service.
   "A chef can be seen as a modern alchemist, turning the base materials into the
   gold of the finished dish , then like his ancient predecessors, he requires the
   contemporary version of the alembic and worm: the stoves and sinks, worktops
   and fridges, mixers and knives, and all the rest of the equipment..."

         - Cutting it Fine inside the restaurant by Andrew Parkins with Jonathan Green.
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